D&E Green Enterprises is an award winning social enterprise which seeks to break the cycle of energy poverty in Haiti by specialising in the manufacture and distribution of low-cost, high-efficiency energy technologies. D&E Green employs market-based solutions to solve local energy problems, tailoring its products and services to the specific needs of each target community.

Since its foundation in 2009, D&E Green has established itself as a leader in the Haitian fuel-efficient cook stove market, leaving it uniquely positioned to facilitate and drive demand for improved cooking technology nationwide. To date, D&E Green has sold over 60,000 fuel efficient cook stoves across Haiti.

Why Cook Stoves

Traditional open fires and inefficient cook stoves using solid fuels cause a range of harmful impacts that impede economic and social development and lead to significant loss of life in the developing world.

D&E Green Enterprises aims to bring affordable, reliable and clean energy to resource-constrained communities in Haiti through the setup and manufacture of low-cost, high-efficiency clean cook stoves. The cook stoves are designed to reduce charcoal consumption by up to 50%, and generate a range of social, health and environmental benefits; helping to loosen the grip of energy poverty in Haiti.

Support Us

You can become involved with the work of D&E Green Enterprises, Inc :

  • Volunteer and internship opportunities;
  • Employment opportunities;
  • Purchase a cook stove for a family in need;
  • Support a specific D&E Green project;
  • Visit Haiti;

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